My name is Simone Schenkel and I’m the designer and owner at Gruen Eco Design. Thanks to my architectural studies in Germany, an essential part of my education was based on sustainability as well as passive house design.

Being a dynamic and ambitious architect I have experience in various residential projects in Europe and in Australia. Since graduating from the practice-oriented University of Applied Science in Germany I have worked in several well-known architecture companies and since 2007 I am working in Australia with a focus on the residential sector.

Simone Schenkel, Degreed Engineer (Architecture), Germany – Diplom Ingenieur Architektur
Building Designe
r and Sustainability Consultant

Registered Building Designer with the Building Commission
Registered Building Designer with BDAV Victoria



Our Team

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Designing the Future: Melbourne Weekly Cover Story

LEG Preis 2006: Architecture Competition

10 star Challenge: Sanctuary Magazine

Berkley College of Music (Valencia/Spain): e-architect


Our partners

Offering Australian householders and business, services and products to make your environment more energy efficient and sustainable.

Sustainable renovations, energy and thermal efficiency retrofitting: The Ecocraft team bring a wealth of experience in carpentry and building and a passion for ecologically responsible craftsmanship. We have sourced the best products and techniques so that you can improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home or commercial building.

“Healthy Interiors” evolved as a consequence of a young Interior Designer mum renovating while simultaneously struggling with her childrens health issues. Pieces of a puzzle emerged over time to reveal that many of the materials and finishes used in the building industry and household practices have the potential to impact on the health of homes and the health of occupants.