The 20/20 House part 14 – Landscape Design

The Gruen Eco Design blog about how to convert your dream from an energy efficient home into a reality.     When designing and building your home the landscape design and the garden is often the last thing on the list and more often than not there isn’t much money...

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The Role of Ceiling Fans & Exhaust Fans

Ventilation is the active process of “changing” or replacing air to regulate temperature and moisture. It should always occur under controlled conditions, by opening windows or with ceiling or exhaust fans, NOT through gaps and air-leakage. Exhaust fans Exhaust fans...

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Stack-Effect and Clerestory Windows

STACK-EFFECT The term “stack-effect” goes back to the chimney. The heat source – in this scenario, the fire – heats up the air. Hot air rises and is discharged through the chimney, as it has a lower density than cold air. This effect can be used to replace air inside...

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