Now that we are building those beautiful energy efficient and air-tight homes we face a new problem.

All the toxins and off gassing from materials and finishes stays inside the house and can lead to a very unhealthy indoor climate. Which can lead to allergies and other serious health problems.

Therefore, the more energy efficient and air-tight your house gets, the more important it is to pay attention to the materials you are using inside.

When it comes to health sadly in Australia the laws are not as strict as in most European countries, and many off-the shelf products, like paint, constructions materials and furniture have much higher levels of toxins than allowed overseas.

Especially when looking at formaldehyde levels. Standard mdf or kitchen carcasses can have quite high levels of formaldehyde. So, make sure you have the discussion with your cabinetry maker/builder and look into using E0 boards.

Don’t buy just any brand! Do your research. Here a few good resources:

ecospecifier (

Green Painters (

Your Home (