Recently I had an amazing weekend with my friends at the hot springs to recharge our batteries and catch up on all thing’s friendship and life in general.

One of the discussions we had was about the recent lottery jackpot. And: what would you do if you were to win the 180 Million Dollars? Which clearly would be a life changing event.

For sure, if you won that much money, you would do some nice things for you and for the family. But what else would you do?

One of my friends is really passionate about teaching and education. For her it was obvious that this is the area she would want to support.

What would I do if I won that much money? Yes, I would build a beautiful home for my family (obviously a passive house ?).  I would make sure that everyone in my family is looked after and I would like to travel a bit and see the world.

But the thing that would really excite me is that I would have enough money to have a real impact. To implement change in other people’s lives. What I really would love to do is sustainable development. Design and build highly energy efficient and healthy homes (passive houses) for the people who could otherwise never afford this. I would incorporate sustainable principles to social housing and apartments.

I would love to promote and talk more about the importance of not only energy efficient but also healthy homes for everyone. Helping to bring on change in the building industry, making sure healthy and energy efficient homes are available to everyone, not only the ones that can afford a custom designed home. Bring on change and new regulations that no matter if building with a volume builder or a high-end boutique builder you will get a well performing home.

How nice would that be?

But for now, I keep dreaming and writing my blogs about sustainable and energy efficient design. With the aim to educate and support others to not only save on their energy bills and have a healthier home for their family, but also inspire others to live a more sustainable life in general to save and protect our mother earth.

What is “Your Why”?

What would you do if you were to win 180 Million?


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