OMG. What a year it has been.

I still remember the quarterly planning session with our business coach and mentor in January. All the big hopes and dreams we had for the year and the start of this decade.

And then Covid came….

I was just checking the numbers. Here in Melbourne we spent 154 days in lockdown!!!! That’s 33.6 weeks. With our 2 lockdowns in March and our second wave lockdown….

I don’t want to sugar-coat it. Things got pretty scary end of March and in April. And I was worried a lot how we could get trough it all and how to keep our Gruen family together.  

And then the second lockdown came. And the masks….

Getting up each morning around 6 for my daily walk. Needing some time to think and be myself. Away from the homeschooling, screaming kids and all.

Forever thankful for the amazing walk and talks I had with the beautiful Natalie and Maja! Trying to cheer each other up during all the chaos and heartache. Having hour long phone conversations, while stuck in our 5km bubbles.

The daily meditation and check ins with friends. All those little things that helped me to stay afloat and to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am very proud of our team and how well we made it trough the year. And: we didn’t just make it; we had some amazing wins.

And, as my coach and mentor Paula Bailey says. It is important to celebrate the wins. Especially after all we went through this year.

We hope that even thought trough all the challenges we had throughout the year; you also were able to have some wins. And that at least something good has come out of this year.


So here are some of our 2020 wins:

  • February: Ross joined our team
  • March: we all started working from home. What a relief it was that all our team was working on laptops anyway. And that all our data was stored online. Things transitioned pretty smoothly. Even though it was pretty lonely in the office, just by myself….
  • April: things got pretty scary. And I will be forever grateful for the help from the government. Jobkeeper as well as the Covid Business grants. That helped us to get through this challenging time
  • June: Kathleen (Kitty) and Shaily joined our team
  • August: Radek joined our team
  • Shaily and Dee did pass their exam and can now officially call themselves a certified passive house designer
  • finalist for the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards in 4 categories: Sustainability, Business Excellence, People’s Choice: Making a Difference (Environmental Impact) and AusMumpreneur of the Year.
  • silver at 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards in the category Making a Difference (Environmental Impact)
  • And another award: Passive House Designer of the Year (Australia)

  • Thanks to the government covid grant Mel our senior designer was also able to attend the passive house designer course
  • featured on the Passive House Podcast. Episode 06
  • appearance on a few talks and presentations about sustainable design and passive house
  • We have started the construction on some amazing homes and finished a few beautiful homes. And the construction went on even through the lock down (there are lots of projects we need to get photographed next year)
  • October: what a relief it was. Kids back in school. And our life slowly started to get back to some sort of normal. Our new Covid Normal
  • Juan joined our team.
  • November: our team was finally allowed back in the office. YAY!
  • December: What a pleasure it was to celebrate the end of this crazy year in-person. What a beautiful Christmas party we had. With some of our team meeting for the first time ?


But now, we are all off for a well-deserved holiday to recharge our batteries.

THANK YOU to the most amazing team!!!!!
A heartfelt THANKS to all our beautiful clients and everyone that supported us through this challenging year!!!!

Thanks for getting us through this crazy year!

Here is to 2021!

Bring it on. We are ready!!!!