We’re excited to share that our Hempcrete Passive House has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Sustainability Awards, in the Single Dwelling (New) category. We’re truly honored to be recognized alongside such accomplished designers and architects.

It’s worth noting that for the second consecutive year, our director and founder, Simone Schenkel, had the privilege of participating as a judge for the awards. Of course, when it came to judging our own category, she humorously recused herself from the room! 😂

For more details, please find the complete press release linked here.

Now celebrating 17 exciting and action-packed years, the significance of the 2023 Sustainability Awards has intensified, especially given the profound events of the last few years.

These occurrences have made these awards a miletsone in many ways and provided a direct glimpse into humanity’s path for the next decade, positioning the learnings gained from the entrants as a potent force for driving change and a more sustainable future.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that this year’s 2023 Sustainability Awards have garnered an exceptionally high volume, and for that matter, a high calibre of submissions.

And for the second consecutive year, the Shortlist was selected during our dynamic, live judging day.

This live judging day was made successful not only by our dedicated events, sales, editorial, marketing and IT teams but also with the invaluable support of Autex Acoustics, who went above and beyond to ensure its seamless execution, as well as ensuring all who attended remained well-fed and watered.

Noteworthy are the distinguished judges who participated in this event: Simon Lincoln (Make Architects), Alex Symes (Alexander Symes Architect), Simone Schenkle (Gruen Architecture), Kate Nason (Frasers Property).

Mahalath Halperin (Mahalath Halperin Architects), David Coates (Sustainable Building & Design), Jeremy Spencer (Positive Footprints Sustainable Design & Construction), Arianna Brambilla (University of Sydney), Marni Reti (Kaunitz Yeung Architecture) and Ben Peake (Carter Williamson Architects).

Written by Branko Miletic