No matter how small or large a project, you have always to expect the unexpected. And no matter how well you detail and plan ahead, almost always there will be some complications or unexpected developments down the track, that will slow you down and will add to your well planned budget. Therefore it is imperative to always allow for some contingency within the budget as well as the time frame. And this is even more so the case when renovating. You never know what awaits you once you start pulling down walls, opening floors etc.

Even with this little straight forward renovation we had a few unfortunate setbacks, that did cost time and money. Originally it was planned just to replace the old dodgy power points with new ones. But when the kitchen was out the electrician advised us that the entire wiring was in a really bad condition, not up to current standards anymore and that he could not just install the power points as we wanted. We had to get the switchboard replaced as well as some of the wiring inside the walls. Which is a quite time intense and expensive job when working with massive brick walls throughout.

Also, once the old bath and the tiles came out we had to realize that the former plumber had done a really messy job, there where a lot of pipes where they didn’t belong and a lot more work involved then was anticipated.

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view from living room into kitchen


chalkboard wall in kitchen


new shower in the making