Embarking on the journey of designing and building your dream home or renovation is hard enough as it is. But with the construction cost and interest rates going up, we know that things have gotten a lot tougher.


We have spoken with many others, who are too afraid to start a project. Not sure if they can afford everything they want. Too scared to begin the process and potentially waste money on a home design they cannot afford.


Because of this we have come up with an idea to help you get a clearer understanding of what you really need (your project brief), how much money you need (your budget) and what kind of home you can afford (the type of home you can get).


We have partnered up with Katie Rees, (Home Build Mentor) to get you back into the driver’s seat and bring you clarity and certainty on what you can achieve within your budget, prior to starting the full design and build process and kickstart your project.


Great question! Let me explain. The residential building industry is complex. Requirements and regulations constantly evolve, and the consistency in costing we could rely upon only three or so years ago has shifted dramatically. The ability to forecast the cost of projects is more challenging than ever. Planning for the successful outcome of your project in its earliest stage is essential.

Gruen Eco Design’s custom Home Build Mentoring Program is designed specifically to direct your project in terms of brief and budget alignment from the outset. The program is developed following hundreds of hours of research and development to understand and forecast realistic conditions. Home Build Mentoring is not another thing to add to your already jam-packed todo list.

It is a proactive program to ensure your money, time and energy are directed and channelled to maximum effect with minimal effort. The program is broken into three modules, with learnings and strategies attached to each.

Here a summary of the things your will be getting out of this mentoring program:

·       Estimate timeframe from starting the design process to moving into your new home

·       Template, tools and know-how to create a killer, informative project brief.

·       Estimation of project size compiled from a database of room size calculations

·       Ballpark budget based on your estimated size, combined with an applicable M2 rate- The M2 rate is determined based on Katie’s research and in consultation with Gruen Eco Design.

·       Appreciation for potential project costs outside of the construction budget

·       Estimated range of investment for design, documentation & supporting consultants

·       Understanding of different approaches to working with your builder

·       Tools to find and choose the right builder

·       Tools to read/compare project pricing

·       Understanding of different types of build contracts, and the pros/cons of each

And much more.

When booked directly through Katie Rees, the Home Build Mentoring programs start from $3,500+GST. But we are excited to confirm that this custom Gruen Eco Design program will be included as a complimentary part of our all-inclusive Freedom Package if you engage us for the Freedom Concept Design and the working drawing stage (applicable for Eco Starter and Freedom working drawings).


This means you can start your Home Build Mentoring course with Katie now, to get you all set, and clear on your budget and brief. And then we jump in and get your design underway.


This offer is only available until January the 31st 2023, for new clients only.


Please get in touch if you want to learn more or if you have any questions.


Looking forward to hearing from you.