Our purpose is to make energy efficient & sustainable spaces a staple in the Australian landscape!

We at Gruen Eco Design design beautiful energy efficient, sustainable and healthy homes for future generations that won’t cost the earth.   Our mission is to make energy efficient and sustainable homes a staple in the Australian landscape!  
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At Gruen Eco Design we provide a service where we work with our clients, nurture and help them through what can be the confusing and daunting process of making their dream home become a reality.   We are passionate about sustainable design. Because sustainable design can and must be affordable for everyone. As a matter of course this needs to be integrated throughout the whole design process. Rather than designing something and trying to make it sustainable later. We believe everyone should have the right to live in a healthy and sustainable home.   Affordability is key for us. Therefore, we work closely with the clients and builders right through the design process, making sure the houses can be built within the clients’ budget. We have a great team of designers, documentors, Certified Passive House designers and interior designers, with diverse skill sets and backgrounds. But one thing in common, our passion for sustainable design and the drive to make a positive impact on the environment. We are proud to have designed over 300 energy efficient and healthy homes around Australia and we look forward to continuing to create awareness and promote positive change. Leaving the world, a better place for our children one house at a time.   No matter how big or small your project, contact us if you’re thinking about making your home more energy efficient and sustainable. .

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