2020: That’s a Wrap

OMG. What a year it has been. I still remember the quarterly planning session with our business coach and mentor in January. All the big hopes and dreams we had for the year and the start of this decade. And then Covid came…. I was just checking the numbers. Here in...

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SIPS VS Stick Frame

As many of you know. We at Gruen Eco Design are huge fans of SIPs (structural insulated panels) For those of you who haven’t come across this type of construction. These panels are prefabricated. They consist of a FSC certified OSB3 board on either side of a...

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Live In A Passive House Without Being Broke

Our mission at Gruen Eco Design is to make energy efficient homes a staple in the Australian landscape.    Everyone should have the right to live in a comfortable house that does not cost the earth!  There is the idea that building an energy efficient home or a...

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In House Passive House Services

It comes as no surprise that we at Gruen Eco Design love Passive House! Once you look into this way of building energy efficient, comfortable and healthy homes there is no way back anymore. We have been designing and detailing passive houses for a while now. So, our...

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