In House Passive House Services

It comes as no surprise that we at Gruen Eco Design love Passive House! Once you look into this way of building energy efficient, comfortable and healthy homes there is no way back anymore. We have been designing and detailing passive houses for a while now. So, our...

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 Passive House Podcast Feature

Our founder and Passive House designer here at Gruen Eco Design recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on this international Passive House Podcast.  Simone shares her expertise and experience about Passive House and her passion to help change the building...

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How to not build an energy efficient home

Are you thinking about building a new home? Ever wondered whether to go for a 6- or 7-star home? What’s the difference anyway? And how do you know which home is best for you? How can you make sure you find the right designer and builder? Someone who designs and builds...

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7 Essentials When Working From Home With Kids

Working from home in itself can pose many challenges. Even more so when kids come into play. For the first 4 years (from 2013 – 2017) I was running Gruen Eco Design from home. And 3.5 years of this time I was a working from home mum. So, I know a good deal about the...

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Getting a Building Permit

Before any construction can start you need a building permit. This means a building surveyor must check all construction drawings and required documentation, to make sure it complies with all building and planning regulations. Once satisfied he will stamp the plans...

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