Our Founder, Simone Schenkel, appeared on the popular Buildher Collective Podcast.   

“…Kribashini (from Buildher Collective) is chatting with Simone Schenkel from Grun Eco Design. Simone is incredibly passionate about the environment and sustainability and is dedicated to creating homes that are safe, resilient, and unique to the owner’s requirements. We are so grateful to have Simone on the show to share all of her amazing and useful tips to consider when designing a passive home.

In this episode, Simone and Kribashini debunk some of the myths associated with passive housing. We talk about energy efficiency, ventilation, passive house principles, and how sustainable homes can still be pretty.

Simone shares how she has worked with over 300 clients in their mission to achieve sustainability within any budget. It’s not as expensive as you may think!

Come and join Kribashini and Simone in their conversation about all things sustainability and then check out the Grun Eco Design for ideas and inspiration.”

To listen to Simone and Kribashini talk all things Passive House, go to:  


Short clip below: