Do all energy efficient and sustainable homes look the same? For me, the answer to this question is so obvious, that I never even thought about the question in the first place. But after a conversation I had with someone this week I realised it might not be as obvious to others.

So maybe we have to go a few steps back.

What defines a sustainable and energy efficient home? Do they all need the same features, in order to be energy efficient? The simple answer is: NO, not at all.

For a house to be sustainable and energy efficient, it needs to be well insulated. It needs high performing windows. Thermal bridges and air-leakage needs to be minimised. Ideally the house should have some thermal mass. And the house should have good solar access. But that is kind of the main thing. The actual roof form or the wall cladding/wall finishes are up to your personal taste.

No matter if you are building a French provincial home, a period home or an ultra-modern home. The actual look of the house does not define its energy efficiency.

So don’t think you cannot build or live in a sustainable home, if your dream home is a really traditional style, or a minimalist box.

We at Gruen Eco Design do not specialise in a certain look of home, or a certain style. So you can find French provincial, period homes as well as contemporary or ultra-modern homes in our portfolio . Because we specialise in energy efficient and sustainable homes. No matter what look you are after, we will make sure your home is as energy efficient and sustainable as your budget allows for.

Please have a look through our resources on our website for more information about what things to need to consider when building or renovation a sustainable and energy efficient home.