Before any construction can start you need a building permit. This means a building surveyor must check all construction drawings and required documentation, to make sure it complies with all building and planning regulations. Once satisfied he will stamp the plans and issue a building permit.

There are quite a few requirements needed to obtain your building permit:

Architectural drawings

Engineering drawings, computations and design certificate

Soil test

Energy rating certificate and stamped plans

Property Information Request

Legal Point of Discharge

Current Copy of Title

A signed contract with the builder

BAL assessment (if located in a bush fire prone area)

Truss Design (if using trusses)

Feature and Site Survey / Title re-establishment survey (when building within 1m of your boundary)

A planning permit or a confirmation that no planning permit is needed

When building over or close to an easement you might also need a build over easement approval, from council and/or the relevant authorities.

Some shop drawings may be required, depending on the construction type and building surveyor

Written manufacturers specifications or installation guidelines are sometimes required, for instance when building with sips.

In some instances, a report and consent may be required.

The builders’ warranty insurance

Your finance needs to be secured

Depending on the scope you might also require civil engineering, further details or information from other consultants such as fire engineers, arborist report and so on.

As you can see, there are a lot of steps and requirements needed in order to get a building permit.  

Obviously, your designer or architect will look after the architectural drawings. Whether the organisation of all the other items is looked after by you, the client, or your agent depends on the agreement with your designer or architect.

As for our services, obviously we will make sure that the drawings are compliant, and that the building surveyor is happy with them. But when it comes to the additional items our involvement depends a bit on what package a client selects and whether you are happy to organise things yourself or prefer assistance. 

In summary: our Eco Starter Pack is the most cost-effective option for getting you a building permit. We will make sure the drawings are compliant and include the details you need in order to get a permit and you as the client will liaise with all consultants yourself and organise any required documents.

With our Freedom Package on the other hand we will take care of those additional steps, organise quotes and help you to take care of all the standard required documents.

If you want to know more about us and our services, please just send us an email and book in a free Discovery Session with our director Simone Schenkel.