Are you thinking about renovating or extending your existing home? Or do you want to build a new home but don’t know if you can afford what you want to do and don’t know where to start?

Are you to scared to sign up a designer or builder because you don’t want to end up paying lots of money in fees to find out that what you want is way above your budget? 

What if I would tell you there is a quick and easy way to explore your options without paying a fortune? 

It’s a Feasibility Design Review

So, what ‘s this you might ask?
The best way to explain this is using an existing project in Airport West.

Like so many existing homes this double storey house is way too cold & dark in winter with barely any sun coming in.  There’s no direct access to the garden and the only way in to the backyard is through the laundry or going around the house.  Currently the living room is on the upper level, the kitchen and dining area are facing the street and are in shadow from an oversized roof.

Our clients would like to flip the floor plan around. They would like the kids’ bedrooms on the upper level and the living area and kitchen on the lower level opening on to the garden. In addition they would like a small extension to accommodate a new master bedroom with an ensuite and a walk-in robe.

Because our clients are unsure if they can afford everything they want we have been engaged to conduct a Feasibility Design Review. 

Step one was a site meeting for me to see the house and discuss the things the clients like and don’t like, what their dreams are for the house and what changes would they like to make.

Step Two involved us drawing up 2 simple design options with basic floor plan sketches.

Option 1 included everything they want.

Option 2 is a more conservative approach with minimal changes while still improving the house layout. 

Step Three is where discussions are held with some builders to get some rough costing estimates for both options.

We can then explore the options together. It might be either one or the other options, or a combination or variation to both options.

Step Four involves the clients making an informed decision about the path forward. Having undertaken a preliminary design assessment our clients will be able to proceed with the confidence to the formal design and build process process. Or, worse case scenario, modify plans to reduce costs before the formal design begins.

What if I want to build a new home?

I If you want to build a new home the process is pretty similar.
We will meet with you. Talk about your ideas, hopes and dreams.

We will then prepare some simple concept sketches and get an estimator on board to give us an indication on the actual build cost. To make sure that you can actually afford your dream home, rather than wasting money and time just to find out that you might not have enough money to build a custom designed home.

If it sounds like this could help you please contact us to have an obligation free chat about your house, by clicking the below button.