Just listened to the radio on the way to work this morning. And what I heard made my pretty sad but also a bit mad.

Apparently one of the biggest most pressing issues the political parties are dealing with leading up to the election here in Australia is the rising electricity prices and they are saying they need to come up with better, easier to understand pricing for clients.


Why is everyone banging on that the prices need to be reduced and companies are competing with the best reduced rates when paying on time?

Why aren’t we concentrating on reducing our energy usage in the first place????

 Replacing all lighting with led lighting.

  • Changing user habits (for instance, turning the light and appliances off when leaving the room/or not at home)
  • When buying new appliances buying the ones with the highest star rating/ lowest electricity consumption
  • Installing solar panels on the roof

Just to name a few.

When you reduce your energy consumption in the first place you are less reliable on what’s happening with the electricity prices, even less so when you produce your own power.

So, how about the government should help people to save on energy, rather than on changing the energy pricing?

Rant over.