It comes as no surprise that we at Gruen Eco Design love Passive House!

Once you look into this way of building energy efficient, comfortable and healthy homes there is no way back anymore.

We have been designing and detailing passive houses for a while now. So, our entire team is becoming an expert when it comes to designing and detailing passive houses.

We are / have been working on over 20 homes that are going for certification. And many homes that are following the principles. Several of them are under construction now or are about to start construction.

Sadly with the lockdowns and all it has been difficult to get photos done. But hopefully we get some nice photos up soon.

We are very excited that Dee, Shaily & Mel have passed the Passive House exam. And can call themselves now a Certified Passive House Designer.

Thanks to our growing team and increased capacity we can now also offer in-house passive house calculations and Wufi calculations.

Even if you don’t want to go for passive house certification.

It is important to do a preliminary assessment in the Passive House Planning Package. (PHPP)

  • To investigate whether the current design complies with the passive house standard.
  • To make sure the selected insulation is enough.
  • Verifying that the windows are not too large.
  • Wherever you need triple glazing. Or if double glazing is sufficient.
  • Do you need external shading?
  • And identify which windows will need shading.

If you want to know more about why we love the Passive House standard.

Or if you wish to explore if the passive house standard is right for you please get in touch.