We get it. Life can get busy. Especially when you have kids and or a busy job. It’s often too hard to leave work early or find someone to look after the kids. Scheduling a time for a meeting that works for everyone can be challenging.

When I ventured on my own about 6 years ago and left my fulltime job behind I had a newborn to look after, so time was of the essence. Yes, I did take my little one to all meetings. (when you love what you do you never really stop, there was no such thing as maternity leave for me and I was back at the tools just a few days after giving birth?)

But I was just not able to spend long hours on the road to get to places. So, I started doing interactive skype meetings with my clients to discuss their projects and work on the design.

What started as a necessity to manage my life/work balance has now developed into one of our main strengths and philosophies.

We can set up times easily. During lunchtime (even when you are at work and your partner is at home), early in the morning, or after hours if need be. No need to leave your house, no added travel time, you just need a computer.  The reduction in travel also reduces carbon emissions, which we love.

For sure, we like seeing and meeting our clients in person. Before starting the design for a new home or some alterations we need to see the house and the site ourselves. This is essential for doing a really thorough design brief meeting where we discuss, in person, your home in extensive detail. It’s not just about the rooms you require, we need a thorough account of how you live in your house. Every person and every family are unique in the way they function in their home. From where you do your ironing to where your school bags or appliances will go.

After that, most of our meetings are done remotely. This gives us greater flexibility in finding a suitable time for everyone, thus these meetings are easier to schedule and reduce travel time.   Projects then move smoothly and quicker, especially through the design phase.  We even had an interactive design review meeting where one client was away for work in New York and her partner was back in their Melbourne home. But this didn’t stop or slow down the process. We were able to fine-tune the design together.

Our interactive online design meetings enable us to work on very exciting and beautiful projects all over Australia. I really enjoy a peaceful road trip every now and then, taking in the beautiful scenery and the excitement when on the way to a new site. Personally, this also gives me a nice balance to all the time spent in the office and in front of a computer.   And sometimes it can be really nice to get away for a day, especially when you have little kids, right?

Now the question is: where are you building a home? Which part of Australia are you in? Are you located in a remote area? We would love to hear from you.

But don’t worry. If you do live close to us and prefer to come to our office, we do have a nice meeting room with a big screen, where we can do our interactive design meetings with you.

Image: <a href=”https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/business”>Business photo created by jcomp – www.freepik.com</a>