Meet Azadeh

 After moving to Australia from Iran in 2016, Azadeh pursued her dream and passion for architecture, and studied the Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural), which she is currently completing.

Azadeh has always been fascinated by the way architecture breaks boundaries and transforms the environment and landscape. She believes good architecture is where art, technology and creativity are combined.

She is mostly impressed by buildings that are thoughtfully designed and respect their inhabitents and natural environments characteristics. She describes her style as a touch of glamour and elegance in both building and interior design.”

Over the next five years, Azadeh hopes to expand her knowledge in both professional and academic aspects and develop her technical skills.

“I believe architecture isn’t only designing buildings; it’s part of our society where we live and impacts the way we want to live. It translates our philosophy of life into the physical forms.” – Azadeh