Meet Bevan
Building Designer | Certified Passive House Designer. 

After completing the Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Architectural), Bevan has worked exclusively for boutique design firms where he has acquired an exceptional understanding of town planning and construction processes.

Detail oriented and a problem solver, Bevan gets a real buzz out of being part of the process of creating a client’s dream home or improving their existing one. He loves creating spaces that are functional and also thermally comfortable for the occupants.

Bevan has always been a fan of 1920-30s heritage style homes, particularly red brick Californian bungalows with thick white features. But he is also quite partial to clean lines, thin black window frames and strong geometric shapes of contemporary Architecture.

Growing up on a dairy farm in the Gold Coast hinterlands, Bevan loves nature and the outdoors. His weekends are often filled with bike riding, hiking, eating great food and playing is Baritone Saxophone for a community wind orchestra. He is also a mean baker, always bringing naughty/nice treats into the office to share.

After completing the Passive House Introductory course, Bevan’s future ambitions are to complete the Passive House Designer course and build his own with a vegie garden.

  “We take so much from the environment, it is the least we can do to reduce that footprint.  Sustainable design should not just be about reducing the impact of the materials used to build a building.  Truly sustainable design should take into account the full life cycle of the building, including encouraging the occupants to use the building and surrounding land in a sustainable way.” – Bevan