Meet Claire-Louise

Senior Designer

Since receiving her Master’s in Architecture & Sustainable Building Design, Claire-Louise went on to work in France and Australia as a consultant and a project lead.  She has been involved in the designing of small intimate residential builds and larger cutting-edge projects to the highest energy and carbon footprint standards, as with the Paris region for the 2024 Olympics.


Claire-Louise is passionate about creating spaces for residents and end-users that are both beautiful and sustainable.  One of her fundamental interests is exploring healthy, sustainably produced, long-lasting materials that can ultimately be reused, repurposed or recycled. She loves having a hands-on approach to implementing bio-based and geo-based materials, such as timber, raw earth, cellulose, and hay, to name a few.


Growing up in a 1700s house in France, Claire-Louise found a love for how some older builds can weather or organically evolve: blending new and traditional construction techniques.  This inspires her to design long-lasting, flexible buildings that can evolve with their times.


In the next 5 years Claire-Louise looks forward to connecting with the local community and broader industry. Via workshops or coaching to empower stakeholders with the knowledge and tools to shape their built environment, be advocates for sustainability, or even develop new business opportunities.



“For me, building sustainably means building for a healthy, socially and environmentally sound future.” – Claire-Louise