Meet Deepanjali
Certified Passive House Designer
Master of Science in Energy Efficient & Sustainable Buildings


Dee commenced her career by Completing a Bachelor degree in Architecture and worked with sustainability focused design firms in India. Taking up a new challenge, Dee joined Gruen while she was pursuing her Master’s degree in Energy Efficient and Sustainable Buildings from RMIT University.


 With a curiosity and passion towards integrating sustainability in the built environment, Dee began exploring different cultures, the role of architecture and its positive impact on human behaviour while connecting its relationship with the natural environment.


 She is a great believer in technical yet design-led advice towards a holistic approach of creating a balance between aesthetically pleasing design, its considerations and achieving the most sustainable outcomes.


 Away from the desk, Dee enjoys nature trails and appreciates the beautiful skies that Melbourne has to offer. She also likes reading and listening to podcasts that keeps her constantly motivated. Occasionally, You would also see her painting with oil and water colours.


 “I was convinced at the very beginning that Passive House is the way to go upon its first introduction in my Uni and learning from Simone’s expertise and her engagement in the Passive House Organisation. This changed the way I always thought about living and sustainability.” – Dee


 Dee is thereby looking to learn, grow and contribute her career in delivering future designs pioneering towards progressive, sustainable and innovative concepts in the built environment.