Meet Laurel

Creative Office Manager

Since leaving school Laurel has studied and worked in Graphic Design, Teaching and has recently completed the Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Architectural). She uses all these skills and knowledge in her diverse role as office manager at Gruen Eco Design.

During her studies in building design and working at Gruen Eco Design, Laurel has found a real passion for energy efficient architecture and sustainable living and over the next 5 years hopes to continue her learning in this area.

She appreciates all different eras and genres of design but is particularly fascinated by the Mid Century Modernist movement and the eclectic bohemian aesthetics of Laurel Canyon homes in the 1960s and 70s.

Out of work hours Laurel plays in and coaches a women’s soccer team and during the summer enjoys bike riding with her family, camping, water skiing and paddle boarding at her local beach.

 The homes we build today should be resilient and sit beautifully and softly in our environment for at least the next 100 years, while providing a space that unites families and community for many generations to come – Laurel