Meet Mykel
Graduate of Architecture

Mykel began his first Architecture job in 2013.  Shortly after he returned to the University of Melbourne and completed his Masters in 2016.

While studying for his Masters, Mykel was lucky enough to travel to Galapagos as part of a travelling studio and worked with students from around the world.  Amidst some of the most extraordinary wildlife and local culture, the group was there to find ways to integrate the local population and the natural environment to achieve a more sustainable future for daily life on the islands.

 After completing his Masters, Mykel’s focus was on multi-residential and commercial design.  There Mykel found is strength in striking the balance between a need for optimal NSA (for the developer) and ensuring users’ needs and comfort.

 Now at Gruen Eco Design, he is focusing on his primary interest, houses and single residential dwellings.  And over the next five years he hopes to develop his knowledge in sustainable and energy efficient design and get to a place where he feels he is making a difference and enriching the experiences of clients both in the short and long term.

 During his spare time, Mykel enjoys hiking, running and wrestling which he hopes to get back into soon.  He also loves reading and spending a lot of time doting on his dogs.

“I think that Sustainable design isn’t just about ecological impact, but should also focus on designing spaces that can be used well into the future and allow for changes in use as the residents and local context evolves. We need to do everything we can to lessen our impact  – both literally and figuratively – on the earth.” –  Mykel