Meet Radek
Graduate of Architecture

After completing his Masters of Architecture, Radek went on to work for a number of design firms before joining us here at Gruen Eco Design.

As building and construction is a significant contributor to the world’s carbon emissions, Radek is motivated to lessen the effects of climate change through careful design, material selection and continual education in sustainable development.

Along with his passion for sustainable design, he also enjoys the elegant, simple forms of Mid Century Modernist architecture and is immensely influence by the work of Le Corbusier, not only his architecture but also his contribution to art and urban planning.

Over the next 5 years Radek hopes to continue to develop his skills in the sector and to master the art of residential design.

“Architecturally I have a strong interest in building sustainable, passive housing, with climate change being at the forefront of the world’s issues. I believe we must design better, smarter housing stock to battle this worldwide problem. Carefully crafted residential homes is my passion and is something I wish to further develop in my career.” – Radek