Meet Shaily
Certified Passive House Designer
Graduate of Architecture
Master of Architecture

From a young age, Shaily took a keen interest in spaces designed in harmony with nature so it was a natural progression for her to go on to study a Masters in Architecture and then successfully complete the Certified Passive House Designer course.

Along with her passion for sustainable home design, she also loves the aesthetics of the more traditional village dwellings found in her birth home, India. These homes are built by its residents using the locally available and produced materials, e.g. For flooring a combination of mud and cow dung is used (have great antiseptic properties), local wood in the structure, clay, earth, giving earthen feeling and unique identity to the spaces, unique character to the dwellings and conveying a story of that space.

In the coming years Shaily hopes to continue her learning in Passive House principles and implement them in her work hoping to be part of a movement that creates a net zero future benefitting both the users and the earth.

When away from the computer, Shaily enjoys taking care of her indoor plants, cooking, reading. (Recently finished reading – The Alchemist) and exploring new places. She particularly loves travelling around India and spending time in nature without the distraction of modern day technology.

“I believe that a good design creates spatial experiences incorporating strong connections with People, Place, Culture, Landscape, built and natural environments. I believe that earth should inspire and dominate the design rather than being the opposite.” – Shaily