Meet Simone

Founder & Director
Certified Passive House Designer

Simone Schenkel, grew up and studied architecture in Germany, the home of the PassivHaus movement.

On moving to Australia in 2007 she couldn’t believe how thermally uncomfortable Australian houses were and how expensive they were to run.

This started her on the path to educate Australians about how to build better. She felt it was her mission to educate people about the benefits of the German way of designing and building homes.

A sought-after guest on podcasts, webinars, and talks, she shares insights from years of experience in the sustainability sector.

For numerous years, she has been deeply engaged with the energy rating program, crafting numerous 8 and 9-star homes, and honing her expertise in passive solar design. Notably, she clinched victory in the 10 Star sustainability challenge in 2018.

Since attaining Passive House certification in 2017, all her projects are meticulously modelled and optimised using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP). This approach ensures healthy buildings and peak building performance synergizing the precision of Passive House principles with the wealth of knowledge amassed in passive solar design over the years.

She is a multi-award winning certified Passive House designer, technical advisor for evitat and the founder at Gruen Eco Design & Gruen Architecture. Gruen Eco Design was originally founded in 2010. Gruen’s mission is to make energy efficient spaces a staple in the Australian landscape. “Everyone should have the right to live and work comfortably without costing the earth!” She and her team are proud to have designed over 300 energy efficient and healthy homes around Australia and is looking forward to continuing to create awareness and promote positive change. Leaving the world, a better place for our children one house at a time.

In her leisure moments, Simone finds solace in nature, often accompanied by her delightful puppy. An avid reader, she immerses herself in novels and tunes into self-development audiobooks. Simone is also a fitness enthusiast, frequently hitting the gym.

Adding a humorous twist, Simone has a few allergies, notably to dust mites, mold, and chlorine. Interestingly, these sensitivities make her appreciate her own passive house even more—a haven where filtered rainwater contributes to her enhanced well-being.

If you are interested in experiencing a passive house yourself. Please reach out to her to organise a private tour.