Meet Soujanya
Graduate of Architecture

After completing her Bachelor of Architecture, Soujanya worked as a Junior Architect and then went on to work as a Site Engineer in Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes where she helped with the rebuilding of schools.  During her 2 and a half years there, Sou fell in love with the simplicity of the Nepalese culture.

After arriving in Australia, Sou has done some freelance work before joining us at Gruen Eco Design.

Sou loves the actual process of the built structure.  She believes construction is organised art, and finds her strength lies in translating ideas into reality. 

Her belief is that any design philosophy that is sensitive to the environment, its people and nature, is a design she truly appreciates and values.  And in 5 years, she hopes to have the leadership and influential skills to promote harmony between the built and the natural environment.

In her free time, Sou loves hiking, camping and is particularly passionate about cycling.  She also makes dream catchers and cooking authentic dishes from different cultures.

“People are always going to want to build. If you have to build, build in the wisest way possible, by minimising impact on nature, respecting the land we are privileged to live on.” – Soujanya