Meet Virginia
Interior Designer


After completing her Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours), Virginia went on to start her own interior design practice and freelanced for a variety of projects and clients before joining us at Gruen Eco Design.

Not afraid of colour, Virginia enjoys challenging projects that require problem-solving to meet the clients’ criteria.  She loves going through the design journey with the client’s involvement, so they feel secure and own and love the process and result.

Her passion lies in creating an environment with an atmosphere and energy that allows the best possible experience for the end user in mind.  This excites her most as she is all about the feeling of a space.

Outside of work, Virginia enjoys painting, camping and the outdoors and in 5 years hopes to be living in a quiet fisherman’s village somewhere in Italy!

“Function then Beauty! The reality of life isn’t always Instagram-able! I’m not about ‘styles’- it’s important to select and recommend quality products that last and are loved.  I am inspired by nature, therefore when sourcing goods, environmental impact is the key underlying principle in determining selection.  Factors such as durability, recyclability, distance travelled, re-use of material, third party accreditation and carbon footprint are all considered.” – Virginia