Meet Melissa
Senior Designer
Certified Passive House Designer

After receiving her Bachelor of Architecture, Mellissa has spent the last 16 years working for various firms across Queensland and Victoria and we are now fortunate to have Mellissa, and the wealth of knowledge she brings, here at Gruen Eco Design.

Mellissa has strong project management skills and a real flair for design with a particular love for contemporary architecture – simple forms which complement and provide a backdrop for its natural context.

Since coming to Gruen Eco Design, she has discovered a passion for off the grid living and creating homes with a connection to nature and over the next 5 years she hopes to build her own passive house in the hills for her family.

Mellissa loves gardening and has a keen interest in permaculture. When she is not in the garden you could probably find her hiking or taking her motorcycle out for a spin.

Sustainable design is about reverence for the natural world that supports life and living harmoniously with it.” – Mellissa