BDAV people’s choice awards 2015

Dear friends and clients,

the people’s choice awards for this years BDA awards are open.

I don’t think I really stand a chance in this category, especially since the photo of my project isn’t as high end and flashy as a lot of the other projects, but I would much appreciate if you  could vote for my ‘Box Hill South Residence’, that would be awesome!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.02.41 pm

Each email address can be used for one vote, so if you have more than 1 email address, would be great if you could use all of them 😉

Although the category listed here is residential alterations and additions, as this is the main category, I’ve mainly lodged this project for it’s sustainable and energy efficiency features and I do believe that I stand a chance in this category. The renovated house and extension not only achieved 8.1 stars but has heaps of other green initiatives.

Summary of energy efficiency measures employed

·       Walls, roof and ceiling of the existing part of the house have been highly insulated, with R3.5 for walls and floors and R5.0 batts for the ceiling.
·       New walls are build out of larger studs to allow for R3.5 insulation batts.
·       The concrete floor of the extension has been insulated with R1.9 insulation and the roof has R6.0 insulation batts.
·       New double glazed UPVC Windows have been installed throughout
·       where possible existing appliances have been reused to avoid wastage. Existing appliances will be upgraded at the end of their lifespan.
·       Led and fluorescent lighting have been used throughout the extension
·       No downlights are used within the house to avoid potential loss of ceiling insulation
·       An exhaust fan has been installed behind the fridge to extract hot air and optimise the efficiency of the fridge
·       The door towards the pantry has been sealed and the pantry also has an exhaust fan to allow for better temperature control

Summary of water efficiency measures employed

·       2 rainwater tanks have been installed. A 5,000l tank that collects the water from the existing roof and a new 10,000l tank back in the garden that collects the water from the extension
·       The existing gas hot water system has been remained as it is still in good working order and will be upgraded at the end of its lifespan.
·       Taps and mixers have been reused from the existing part of the house or were sourced second hand where possible. Any new taps or mixers have a WELS rating of 3 stars minimum.

Other sustainable measures

·       Slow combustion wood heater in living/kitchen/dining room
·       New nobo heaters have been installed in the bedrooms in the existing part of the house, but are barely needed

  • Worm farm, composting
  •       Veggie patch, orchard

.       non toxic finishes used throughout the house

.      Old kitchen cabinets, existing floors boards, bricks, bench tops, appliances and fixtures and fittings were reused throughout the house or sourced second hand.

.     .        Concrete floor as thermal mass in extension.

.       The original external brick wall towards the garden has been exposed in the new double storey staircase and acts as additional thermal mass

.      A pergola has been installed around the living/kitchen/dining area to allow for shading of the windows on hot days. Wires have been installed and vines planted for shading. While they are still growing cloth shades have been installed on top of the wires.

.      Openable highlight windows in the double storey void help to purge hot air and low light windows in the living room allowing cooler air into the building.

.      A water feature outside the low light windows on the north side also helps to cool down the air in summer.

.      A small opening has been installed on the southern side of the kitchen to allow for a direct cross ventilation of the kitchen/living/dining room

Just to give you a better idea about the project,  here are a few more photos 🙂 I personally do like the internal shots a lot.

Would be much appreciated if you could help me with this. Thanks a lot in advance.

BoxHill08 BoxHill09 BoxHill10 BoxHill07 BoxHill06 BoxHill05 BoxHill04 BoxHill03 BoxHill02 BoxHill01

Kind regards

Simone Schenkel