Our founder and Passive House designer here at Gruen Eco Design recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on this international Passive House Podcast. 

Simone shares her expertise and experience about Passive House and her passion to help change the building industry and regulators, both in Australia and globally, to make the Passive House principles standard practice.

We are very excited to hear what Simone has to say.

In this episode, Passive House Podcast host Matthew Cutler-Welsh interviews Simone Schenkel, director and Certified Passive House Designer at Grün Eco Design in Victoria, Australia. Schenkel is the Victorian Chapter lead of Australia Passive House Association and an advocate for moving the building industry toward energy efficient, high performance buildings. Matthew and Simone dive into the importance of production builders in this transformation and the role of regulation to help spread high performance building to all segments of the housing market. Listen to Matthew and Simone unpack the gradually change in the industry from regulations to the role of globalization in the housing market.

Click this link to listen to the podcast: