A few months ago our WINC clients came to an open house of our director’s very own passive house. The 20/20 Passive house.

After the site visit we got some great feedback from them which we thought was worth sharing Here are some snippets from their feedback.

” Our recent visit to Simone Schenkel’s passive house (the 20/20 Passive House) left us inspired and amazed! “

“What I really liked about Simone’s house that might work for us at WINC… Really big windows that let in lots of light.” – WINC Client

“Some fixed windows, such as behind the kitchen sink, work well given the effective cross ventilation throughout the house and no need for all windows to be opened for ventilation.” – WINC Client

“Tilt and turn windows and sliding doors with mechanisms that are not heavy, self-lifting, and easier to open, sealed well.” – WINC Client

“The thoughtful placement of fixed windows and the peak ceiling in the living room, giving a sense of space.” – WINC Client

“The high ceilings, particularly in the smaller bedrooms, where the rooms appeared much larger due to the height of ceilings.” – WINC Client

“High roof in the living area and lower roof in the kitchen, delineating the separation between different areas in the open plan space.” – WINC Client

“Casual sitting/storage area under the full-length windows in the living room.” – WINC Client

“The lovely temperature inside the house, despite how cold it was outside.” – WINC Client

“The peacefulness of the inside and the effectiveness of the HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) system.” – WINC Client

“That the air filter thingy (HRV) is almost inaudible!” – WINC Client

“Kitchen window that could be a good alternative to the usual splashback.” – WINC Client

“Storage for household cleaning equipment, such as brooms and vacuums.” – WINC Client

“The generous dimensions of the bathroom, including the light over the shower and the wet area design with one piece of glass and a skylight in the ensuite.” – WINC Client

“Actively choosing what to spend money on and what to do cheaply, such as using tilt and turn windows and light fittings from Spotlight and Ikea.” – WINC Client

“Wardrobes, drawers, and the hanging setup – The bedroom wardrobe door handles!” – WINC Client

“Floor boards, known as engineered timber floors.” – WINC Client

“Low-cost exterior walls with metal cladding.” – WINC Client

“What surprised me about Simone’s house… The ease at which the big sliding doors opened. Just glided on their track and will be easy for those with shoulder or back issues to open.” – WINC Client

“No sense of ‘stale’ air due to the effective ventilation system.” – WINC Client

“How quiet the ventilation system is.” – WINC Client

“Even though I had an idea about what to expect, I was very impressed by the many features of the house and excited by the possibility that I may be living in a Passive Haus one day (albeit a much smaller version).” – WINC Client

“What I really hope we can do at WINC now that I’ve seen a passive house… Sliding glass doors, triple glazing (depending on cost), fridges set into cupboards, big windows where appropriate, and effective use of storage space using the full height of ceilings.” – WINC Client

“That we can build passive houses at WINC.” – WINC Client

“Other observations about the visit… Very light, simple, and beautiful. Beauty and comfort can be achieved with low-cost options, such as the flooring.” – WINC Client

“It provided an opportunity to mingle with each other and have lunch together that was very relaxed and enjoyable. Made me think how long it’s been since we did something purely social.” – WINC Client

“Many thanks to Simone for opening her house to us and permitting cuddles with her little dog Billy.” – WINC Client

Join us on this journey as we explore the possibilities of passive houses with our Co-housing project in Castlemaine.

Together, we can create spaces that are beautiful, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. Let’s build a sustainable future!

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