10 Star Design Challenge Finalist 2012

The BDAV’s 10-Star Challenge is for conceptual projects that combine admirable architecture with efficient planning solutions and materials utilisation. The Challenge offers Victoria’s building design fraternity the opportunity to design 10-Star energy efficient homes, and be recognised for their design abilities and expertise in sustainable design responses, as well as positioning BDAV Members as leaders in environmentally sustainable design. The Challenge aims to raise awareness that good design reduces greenhouse emissions and household bills. The BDAV acknowledges that, although 10 Star houses are probably only appropriate for those in the community who are totally committed to ‘making a difference’, those designers who ‘know what it takes’ will design cost-effective 6, 7 and 8 Star houses with ease.


“This contemporary design, with clean lines and clever cantilevers, creates architectural appeal and a well-proportioned building. Innovative non-toxic and renewable building materials were used in combination with triple glazed PVC windows. The building has a small footprint; however, generous room sizes and good use of multi purposes areas create a practical and visual appealing design solution.”