Hempcrete Passive House Ocean Grove

Currently under construction, the design of this Ocean Grove house was developed with the client’s desire to create a narrative of unfolding, unveiling, a conceal; reveal story as you travel through.
Set on a block facing bushland the journey from entry to main living played on this idea of unveiling as you entered deeper into the spaces; a beautiful view the prize when you arrive. With a keen desire to create a ‘forever house’ that could perform to the highest standard, the clients passionately advocated for the interrogation of all building elements.
The envelope is created with mass hempcrete walls installed where they will be most effective, creating a backbone supporting the performance of the house. This was coupled with lightweight framing and a undulating roof canopy, lifting and pitching to funnel light into the house.

In conjunction with high performance building materials, the dwelling will be Passive House Certified and collects and harvests rainwater and solar to sustain its operation. The home is completed, but we haven’t managed yet to get any Professional photos done.


  • Year completed: 2022
  • Area: 255 sqm
  • Type of construction: Hempcrete combined with timber stud wall and fc cladding
  • Energy efficiency:  8.1 Stars NatTHERS
  • awaiting passive house certification


    Our involvement:
    Freedom Package

    Concept Design, Town Planning, Construction Documentation, Cabinetry Design & Interior Design