Deep Energy Efficiency Retrofit Blackburn

Nestled under the protective canopy of towering gums, this home in Blackburn awaited a transformation. Cloaked in shade for most of the year, the challenge was clear: infuse this residence with light, warmth, and a modernised aesthetic. Our mission? A comprehensive Deep Energy Efficiency Retrofit.

The first stroke of change involved strategic window installations. Positioned to optimise natural light, each window was a portal, inviting the outdoors in.

Our commitment to energy efficiency led us to the walls, floor, and ceiling. We installed rockwool insulation, a silent guardian against temperature fluctuations, embracing the home in a snug cocoon of comfort.

Yearning for a brighter interior, we introduced new skylights. These celestial windows became not just light sources but beacons, guiding the gaze upward and infusing the living spaces with a newfound radiance.

The home’s interior also underwent a transformation. Ceilings and walls, adorned with fresh plaster, mirrored a canvas awaiting stories to unfold. Yellow tongue flooring, robust and resilient, spoke of a foundation for a new chapter.

We went fully electric with the home and installed a heat pump and Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system .

The transformation wasn’t confined within. External brickwork received a facelift with a tasteful bagged finish. Balustrades, the carport, and every external facet were brushed with a fresh coat of paint.

Validating Efficiency: The Blower Door Test

Every inch was sealed, in order to retain warmth and energy. Penetrations were meticulously attended to, ensuring a fortress against energy loss.

A blower door test was conducted. An assurance of efficiency, ensuring that every corner was fortified against energy leaks.

This project in Blackburn reflects not just a renovation but a commitment. A commitment to crafting homes that resonate with modern aesthetics, embrace best sustainable practices, and stand as beacons of energy efficiency.

Year completed: 2023

Area: approx. 160 sqm internal area

Type of construction: Retrofit to brick veneer on timber subfloor

Energy Efficiency: 7.6 Nathers (client was going to get updated, not sure if he has, as they put more in spec in the end)

Airchanges: 30 prior to renovation, 3 ACH after

Our involvement:

Freedom Concept design and Freedom construction documentation

Builder: @alwynprojects

Interior designer: @ncsinteriors

Styling and photography: @cxc_studio