Passive House Seymour

Here some images from our an amazing PASSIVE HOUSE in Seymour.
With Matt from M O’Keefe Builders.
Why do we love #passivhaus so much?
Becasue passive buildings are comprised of a set of design principles used to attain a guaranteed quantifiable and rigorous level of energy efficiency within a specific quantifiable comfort level under a “fabric first” Design philosophy.
The houses are checked and accessed pre and post construction. In my opinion it’s currently the only way of building a guaranteed high performing and healthy home.
There is no guesswork.
Passive buildings require 90% less energy than a standard home. While also looking at the occupants comfort and also delivering the highest level of indoor quality. Cleaning the air from dust mites, pollen, CO2 and regulating the humidity. Making sure the construction is mould free. Once you have looked into passive house there is no turning back anymore.
And while we integrate passive solar design principles into all our designs. You would be crazy not to use the suns free energy, right? As a default all our designs follow the passive house design guidelines as best practice. And we incorporate as much as we can into each project, while keeping a close eye on the clients budget.