Shared Housing Bentleigh

Step into our world of innovation and collaboration as we dive into not one but TWO captivating shared housing projects. One in Bentleigh, with exciting plans already in motion for a similar venture with Kingston Council!

What sets these projects apart? Our visionary client, committed to delivering affordable housing in key areas. These homes aren’t just beautiful and functional; they’re designed to be prefabricated, highly energy-efficient, and built to the exacting Passive House standard, using cutting-edge Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

A space where privacy meets convenience with nine individual bedrooms, each boasting its ensuite and kitchenette. Every unit opens up to the outdoors, while communal areas are spacious and bathed in natural light.

The real magic? Early collaboration is at the core! We’re working hand in hand with the SIPs manufacturer, structural engineer, and builder right from the start, optimizing construction, cost, and overall buildability.

Wish us luck for the upcoming tender! This journey redefines shared living with a blend of affordability, sustainability, and functionality. Stay tuned for updates!