small extension - balaclava


Sometimes tiny changes can have a huge impact.

The clients brief was to design and build an extension to their home to create extra space for a family’s visiting relatives, as well as to generate income through renting the space on Airbnb. The main objective was to create a comfortable, self-contained living space that would provide privacy and convenience for both the visiting family and any future Airbnb guests.

The first step in the process was to work closely with the clients to understand their specific needs and requirements. This included gaining a clear understanding of their budget, timeline, and any design preferences they may have had. Once this was established, the design team could start to create a detailed plan for the new extension.

One of the main challenges of the project was to create a seamless connection between the old and new parts of the home. This involved carefully selecting materials, colors, and finishes that would blend in with the existing structure, while still providing a modern, functional space for the clients’ needs. The design team also had to consider factors such as natural light, tree protection zone, planning controls, ventilation, and energy efficiency when creating the plans for the new extension.

The addition of a spacious bedroom with an ensuite bathroom was a key feature of the design. This would provide a comfortable, private space for the visiting family, as well as any Airbnb guests. 

Overall, the project was a success, with the clients extremely happy with the new space that had been created. The seamless connection between the old and the new parts of the home meant that the extension looked and felt like a natural part of the original building, while the addition of a self-contained living space provided a flexible, income-generating option for the family. 


  • Year completed: 2022
  • Area: 32 sqm
  • Type of construction: brick veneer
  • Energy efficiency: DTS report – 7 Starts NatTHERS equivalent

    Our involvement:
    Eco Starter Package

    Concept Design, Town Planning, Construction Documentation
    Interior Selections and  Cabinetry Design by clients