8.1 Star Renovation/Extension, Box Hill

The client brief was to renovate/extent the existing brick home while keeping an eye on cost, recycling and sustainibility features. The extension is done as a clear contrast to the existing, compromising a concrete floor as a thermal mass, combined with recycled timber inside and sustainably harvested timber cladding on the outside.

Double glazed windows and highly efficient insulation was used in the extension and was also retrofitted throughout the existing part of the house, resulting in a highly energy efficient and sustainable house with an energy rating of 8.1 stars.

 Reduse– reuse – recycle was the clients mantra to create a truly sustainable family home. Construction materials, old kitchen cabinets, existing floors boards, bricks, bench tops, appliances and fixtures and fittings were reused throughout the house or sourced second hand. 2 rainwater tanks provide sufficient water for toilets and irrigation of veggie patches and orchard. Added insulation in walls, ceilings and floors, together with double glazed windows create a highly energy efficient house that barely needs mechanical heating or cooling. Non-toxic low VOC finishes have been used throughout the project to ensure an optimal indoor air quality for its occupants.