Renovation/Extension St Kilda East

With a site area of only 138 square metres and a tiny  84 square metres house on it, this is clearly one of the smallest properties in Melbourne. While the open lving/sleeping arrangement had worked nicely for the young couple in the past, with the upcoming birth of their son they needed 2 separate bedrooms to accommodate the young family.

The existing bathroom has been removed, the living room has been extented and upend up to the small rear garden. A small cantilevering first floor extension provides two small bedrooms and also a covered outdoor entertaining area.

The west facing existing house did not have any north facing windows and was quite dark inside. North facing roof windows and hightlight windows have been added to provide better solar access throughout.

The existing house had absolutely no insluation, single glazed windows throughout with a star rating of only 0.0 stars. All existing walls, floors and ceilings have been retrofitted with insulation, new timber double glazing windows have been used in the extension as well as in the existing part of the house. SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) have been used for the extension, garanteeing a fast construction as well as an airtight shell for the new part of the house.