We provide an holistic service, where we work with you, to nurture and help you to make your dream home become a reality.

We’ve helped over 300 clients achieve their comfortable and energy efficient dream homes. By creating spaces that are safe, resilient and unique to their individual needs. And most importantly, their budget.

And we would love to achieve the same in cooperation with you.

We can guide your through the entire design process, starting from the first pre-development analysis, through to concept design, town planning, working drawings, interior design and can also assist you during the tender process and with the contract administration.

If you are thinking about building or renovating please book in a free Discovery Session (valued at $200) with one of our Certified Passive House Designers and sustainabiltiy expters to discuss your options and how Gruen Eco Design can assist you to design and build your dream home.

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Passive House Design

Certified Passive House & Homes following Passive House Principles
Passive House Calculations (using PHPP)
Preliminary Passive House Calculations
EnerPhit – Passive House for retrofits
WUFI® Calculations for calculating the coupled heat and moisture transfer in building components.

Building Design Service

  • New Build
  • Townhouse / Unit Developments
  • Interior Design Services
  • Renovations / Extensions
  • Concept Drawings
  • Cabinetry/Wet Area Design
  • Town Planning Drawings
  • Working Drawings
  • Contract Administration
  • Sketch Design
  • Design Development
  • 3d Design

Interactive Online Design Meetings

Our interactive online design meetings enable us to work on very exciting and beautiful projects all over Australia. Click for more info


  • Are you sick of high energy bills? Do you want to never worry about rising energy costs again?  Contact us to learn more about how to build your NO-BILLS-HOME

Feasibility Design Review

  • Are you thinking about renovating or extending your existing home but don’t know if you can afford what you want to do and don’t know where to start?Or would you like to build a new home but no one can really tell you how much it will cost you to build your dream home?


Do you want to know if you can afford a PASSIVE HOUSE?

Are you too scared to sign up a designer or builder because you don’t want to end up paying lots of money in fees to find out that  what you want is way above your budget?

What if I tell you there is a quick and easy way to explore your options without paying a fortune?


Special Disabilty Accommondation (SDA)

At Gruen, we’ve expanded into the world of Special Disability Accommodation (SDA). We’re committed to sustainability and inclusivity, and this move aligns perfectly with our values. Currently, we’re working on SDA projects in Victoria and about to start our first one in Queensland. There are four SDA typologies catering to different disability requirements:

✔️Improved Liveability: For significant physical disabilities.
✔️Robust: Designed for behaviors of concern.
✔️Fully Accessible: Designed for significant physical impairments.
✔️High Physical Support: For complex medical needs.

Understanding these typologies is crucial for planning SDA projects. Join us in making a difference for individuals with disabilities. Reach out to us today to create a more inclusive and sustainable future for all Australians with Gruen.

Passive House Consulting Options

Our Passive House Feasibility is a great way fine tune the performance of the house. To optimise windows, insulation and shading. This is perfect for you if you are after a house performing according to the passive house principles but you are not interested in getting the house certified.

Our Passive House Eco Starter is ideal for you if you are thinking about to get your house certified. Or at least close to certification. You have a designer or architect who is looking after all the plans and details and need someone to help you with all the calculations and the technical side of things.

Our Passive House Freedom Package is the perfect service if you want certified passive house performance, and need advice, calculations, and co-ordination of certification.


Interior Design Services

Our Eco Starter Package is a great starting point to set out the feel and main design theme of your home. Helping you select the main paint colours, flooring and cabinetry finishes throughout the house. This package is ideal for you if you just need a bit of help with colours and main materials of the house but are happy to select your own fixtures and fittings throughout the house.

The Gruen Freedom Package on the other hand offers you a full design and documentation package that provides all the colours, materials and fixtures and finishes that need to be selected. Ensuring your house does not only perform well but also that all internal elements work together beautifully, while working closely with the builder to give you the certainty and peace of mind that our selections will be beautiful yet within your budget.


Property Development