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Report and Consent Approved

Yay! Finally: our report and consents are approved. You might remember, we had to get a report and consent to keep our reduced front setback and also for our little studio that we are building against the boundary.

We have just sent off all our documentation to the building surveyor. Wish us luck that he is now happy with the drawing side of things.

That means the only thing left to do is get the contract with the builder sorted. However, my partner and I still have a bit to do on this front, locking in some fixtures and fittings and finalising the wet area details for our bathrooms.

But at least now there is nothing externally holding us up, just ourselves ?

Having said that, with the latest developments with the corona virus we will have to wait and see how this will impact our construction. Whether this means the construction will be delayed, due to supply issues for our structural insulated panels (sips) and/or our triple glazed windows.

As the situation keeps evolving and changing each day there isn’t much, we can do about it. We just keep moving ahead. Business as usual, trying to keep our life and business as normal, hoping things will go back to normal soon.

So just breathe! 

Stay calm! 

Keep supporting small businesses and people around you!

Life has to and will go on!

Making sure the impact on all of us and our life stays as minimal as possible.