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Things are moving slowly: the 20/21 House

What a year it has been. I’m kind of glad we made it into December and have returned to a new “Covid Normal”….

We had some crazy months and quite a few challenges. As everyone probably had…

And sadly, our very own passive house has been on the backburner. And while we are still moving slowly, things are moving much slower than we would have hoped. Our original plan was to be in the house by Christmas 2020. Hence, the 2020 house. But, no point whinging and complaining. It is what it is.

Over the last few months, we have done some fine-tuning to our design. For instance, we chopped off 600mm from our living room. So that we can move the rainwater tanks. Originally, we had two round 5000l tanks hidden behind our tiny home. At the back of the block. But it turned out that we would need to spend quite a bit of money for pumps and all the equipment. Due to the fall on our land. Therefore, we decided to make the house smaller. Meaning we can now squeeze in two 5000 slimline tanks between the house and the fence. While still leaving enough space to walk through. 

And we went through every single room. Making sure the windows were placed perfectly. Either centred. Or placed in a way that they would work well with our proposed furniture.

We’ve also arrived at a build cost that is achievable for us. And our finance is pretty much sorted. Now we just need to wait for our builder to sort out the contract and all the paperwork. The problem though is that our builder is also finalising the contracts for a couple of our clients. Meaning that we have to wait ;-(. 

Well, we still hope to be able to start the construction early in the new year. And our new goal is to be in the house by Christmas 2021. 

Watch this space and bring on 2021!