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Okay, we have a date!
The plan is to start construction in April.

Our tenants moved out last month. Services have been disconnected. And we are about to get the demolition under way.

We also had another meeting with our builder Hamish.

And a couple of weeks ago we ventured out with the kids to check out some lighting and make the selection on our kitchen appliances. We were looking into Miele, AEG and Bosch. But, for costing reasons we have settled on Bosch ?

As some of you might know, I talk a lot about picking and choosing your features wisely. Not everything in your house can be a feature. And it is always more cost effective to try sticking to off the shelf products, rather than custom built. And try not to splurge on too many things.

Well. There is one thing we do not want to budge on. And that is an integrated fridge. It might be because we grew up in Germany where integrated fridges are the norm. We prefer not seeing the fridge. To not have the stainless steel / or white fridge stand out.

Built-in fridges come in smaller sizes. They are usually only 600mm wide. And often only 600mm deep. To conform with the other cabinets. Which means we will need 2 of them. Half fridge and half freezer.

The one we were first looking at would have been about $15,000. EACH!!! So that was definitely too much. We have settled on a Liebherr model. Side by side. Fridge on the top and then both of them have the freezer on the bottom. There are different models available. But the 2 of them will be sitting between $8,000 and $10,000 together. So now we have to find other areas where we can save a bit….

For instance, we were looking at some nice bathroom mirrors. One that has the lighting integrated and look very cool. But, come with a price tag. So now we have settled on simple black round mirrors, with a separate side light. Not quite making up all the dollars we’re splurging on the fridges. But it is a start…

There is still lots that need to get sorted to make our deadline.

? We need to finalise all our selections and put them into our fixtures and fittings schedules.

? We have to remodel our ikea kitchen (As for whatever reason the kitchen we had done in their program last year has been deleted)

? We need to lock in demolition

? Once all this is done, we can finalise the contract with our builder.

? And then the finance needs to be finalised.

Can’t wait to finally get started.

PS. The image is a final shot from the existing house – to be demolished soon.