The 20/20 House Part 29

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Say NO to landfill – Bye- Bye old house

Sometimes things can take an interesting turn. For a long time we had tried to find a new home for the existing house that is on our land. But no house removalist wanted it. So with a heavy heart, we had resigned to the fact that the house would be demolished.

But, thanks to social media, someone saw an Instagram story from our builder Hamish. And that’s how it all started. To cut a long story short, our house will be relocated. We are so happy.

Not only will it reduce our demolition cost. Yay! But it also means the house will not end up in landfill.

Also, when we bought the house, we were fantasising about buying a block of land in Inverloch. And moving the house there as a holiday home. We just didn’t quite have the extra cash to do so.

But now, guess where the house is moving to? Exactly! Inverloch. Meant to be.

Sadly, that means the construction will be delayed by a few weeks. And will start the end of April. But we are fine with that. A small price to pay to give the home another life!

Stay tuned. Lots of other things are currently happening. We are at the pointy end. I will give you another update shortly