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The House Is Gone – Site Cut Complete

Wow.  Where have the last 3 months gone?

And how can it be that we went through 3 lockdowns since the last blog post? Of course, we Melbournians had our lockdown in June. I was lucky enough to make it away for our little Winter getaway. Just in time to be on the Sunshine Coast for Queensland’s 3-day snap lockdown ?.

And now we find ourselves in lockdown 5.0 here in Melbourne. What crazy times indeed.

Surprise, surprise: We are still working on the finance. There is a bank that would give us money straight away. But we would need to pay 1% higher interest rates than with our current bank. We are trying to make them happy so they will give us the construction mortgage. We are getting there.

But even though we don’t have finance yet, things are happening on the construction site now.

The house was finally relocated during the school holidays. While we were in Queensland.

After that the demolition company came in to remove the remaining things on the site. Like driveway, shrubs, footings etc.

And the site cut has been done. We have a little split level in our house, since our land has about 1m fall from the font of the house to the back.

At the porch you go a few steps up into the lower level. Where the study / multi-functional room is located. We also have a small powder room here. And then you go up a few more steps into the main living area.

Because finance has not been approved yet, we have already had to fork out a bit of money, to pay the deposit for our windows, the sips and the builder to keep things going…

Our Sips will arrive shortly in Australia. Meaning we need to get finance sorted.

Fingers crossed.

I will try to write another update shortly about our final selection process. And what things we are looking for it and what small changes we are doing.

I can tell you this much, selecting light fittings and their location can be testing on a relationship 😉

Stay tuned.