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Drumroll: We finally have finance & a building permit

OMG! What a rollercoaster it has been.

It was ‘only’ in June 2017 that we bought this place

Some of you might remember. We had signed the contract early April with Sanctum Homes. With the goal to start construction on the 10th of May.

However, it turned out that we had missed the end of March deadline for our finance. And suddenly the bank required our 19/20 tax return. Which we hadn’t even started yet.

And once the tax returns were done and lodged, there were lots of other hoops we had to jump through. But we’ve finally made it.

Finance is conditionally approved (they just wanted a few more documents to support our submission, which we had supplied on the same day – so, I call it a done deal ?.

But it will be a few weeks before the actual money comes in.

Some of you might have heard there is a real shortage of construction materials at the moment. Not only have the materials increased substantially in cost, but they are also hard to come by so they must be ordered many weeks in advance.

To get the ball rolling and not hold up the construction any further we have paid for and ordered several things.

We’ve paid:

  • The deposit for the windows
  • The deposit and half of the first builders’ invoice. So that the sips could be ordered, and the site cut be completed
  • Demolition
  • Builder’s warranty insurance
  • Dilapidation Inspection
  • Asset protection permit
  • Building permit
  • The sips design
  • And a deposit for the retaining walls

All up we’re already over 170K and we haven’t even started yet….

But some of the money we will be getting back eventually from the bank.

Next up, the retaining walls and the concrete slab.

We will have quite a few issues to solve with our carport and the build over easement permit. Some of you might remember that it took us many, many months to get a permit to build our carport over the easement. However, we were not allowed to put any footings at all within the easement. And, according to our engineer and our builder the concrete slab of the carport alone won’t be strong enough to support the carport posts. Meaning the carport roof and ultimately the carport would collapse on us after a few years….

So, we have to come up with a bit of a different strategy to get Yarra Valley Water and council on board. Will update you on this shortly.

We also had quite a bit of fun and unexpected costs come up with the retaining walls. Also, a topic for another time.

For the time being, we have removed the carport and pergola from our building permit application. So that we could at least get started with the construction…

Now it’s time to celebrate and get cracking.

The 20/20 House. Which was supposed to be finished for Christmas 20/20 is finally on!!!!!

We are beyond excited!