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The SIP’s panels are here!!

Things are happening rapidly now that we have a building permit ?

The SIP’s panels by Fenster & Panel have just arrived from overseas. Unfortunately, we are not quite ready for them yet. So, they need to be stored for a few weeks.

The next step now are the footings and our concrete slab.

But there are still some hoops we have to jump. To improve the buildability and workflow our builder, Sanctum Homes, have proposed some small changes to our footing design.

We had to update the plans with the structural engineer, then the plans need to be amended accordingly. All of this is sent off to the building surveyor for a small amendment to the building permit.

We also have been working with Hamish to finalise all the plumbing to make sure nothing is left to chance once the concrete is poured.

On top of that we are still having some discussions with the bank. Or rather our builder is ?

When it comes to a construction mortgage. There are fixed stages where the bank releases the money to the builder. However, these stages are based on a ‘standard’ type of construction.

Whereas when building a high performing home or using some sort of prefabrication, some big cost items have to be paid and ordered earlier. Meaning there needs to be an adjustment of the payment schedule. This is what Hamish is currently sorting out with the bank. But I hope that we are almost there.

And for sure, we did some final changes and updates to the electrical plans and our lighting plan… But this time at least my partner and I were on the same page…

Stay tuned