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And just like that it is February. What a start to the year it has been. With Omicron making a swift entry and messing everyone around.

But after a well-deserved summer break Hamish and his team from Sanctum Homes are back. Everything is now happening at once.

The metal cladding and roofing is on. So is the foam cladding, but the render will happen at a later stage.

Our decking has been built and the retaining walls around it have been adjusted.

Binq has just delivered our entry door.

The HRV and all the ducts are getting installed.

The location of our 2 split systems is being confirmed. They are about to go in as well. We have one small split system in the living room downstairs. And one upstairs in the hallway. Not in the bedroom, as that would make the room too cold.

The bathroom fixtures will be getting installed shortly.

We will soon be doing a preliminary blower door test, to make sure nothing has been missed. And that the house is as airtight as possible.

Very exciting times.

Hamish and I will also be doing a Q&A live session in our FB group. THE GRUEN ECO DESIGN SUSTAINABLE LIVING TRIBE. Where we will be talking about our 20/20 Passive House and we can answer any questions you may have. Keep a look out for further details.

On another note. We have also decided to sell our current home. Some of you might know the story behind our little unit. We had bought the 2-bedroom, one bathroom brick veneer unit in 2009. We did some major renovation on it over the years. With some internal tweaks we’ve created 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We replaced all windows with double glazed upvc windows, that we had imported from Germany. We insulated all external walls, the ceiling and the floor. Updated all wiring and plumbing. New kitchen, new bathroom. Installed solar panels, Non-toxic finishes throughout. Our 8.4 star unit was also featured in Sanctuary Magazine a few years back and we had it open on a few Sustainable House days.

But now the time has come to upgrade and to move into our very own passive house soon. If all goes well and we get no further covid curveballs we should be finished in June.

Wish us luck and stay tuned!