The 20/20 House Part 42

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Getting close to handover

Things are happening very fast now. We are getting very close to the finish line. But as to be expected, Covid and the flu season had a few surprises in store for us. Meaning the handover date has been moved from the 17th of June to the 1st of July.

Probably not that bad, since we still haven’t started packing yet….

So, what has been happening?

  •  all joinery is in
  • the solar panels are installed
  • the light fittings are currently going in
  • the bathroom mirrors have been delivered
  • the heat pump has arrived
  • the rainwater tanks are getting delivered and installed shortly
  • the benchtops have been installed and the splashback is about to follow shortly
  • all basins and sinks have been installed
  • the magnetic paint in the kitchen has been applied (that is the black wall) now needs to be painted white
  • the split systems are in. We have one in the hallway upstairs and one in the living room.
  • excavation for the deck extension has been completed and the new deck is in.
  • some rocks have already been installed as part of the landscape works

We are still no closer with our build over easement application. There is no carport or driveway in sight. What a nightmare.

The nbn connection is also turning into a bit of a minefield. It looks like the existing nbn cable was damaged during demolition. This only took the technicians 3 site visits to figure out. And we must also pay another five hundred and something dollar call out fee to determine if it can be repaired…. The joys!! So I guess we will be moving in without internet and driveway…

So, what’s missing?

Like I had mentioned, some more light fittings, the splashback. A couple of changes to the kids’ wardrobes. The bathroom mirrors. Some external landscape works.

The exposed beam in our living room will get a little face lift shortly.

And our floating feature timber shelving will be installed soon. Can’t wait to see it. My plant shelf ?

We still haven’t made up our mind with some of the furniture. Most of the pieces in our house are quiet old and would be too small/ wrong size for the new house. And we are upgrading from a queen to a king size bed. So I think we will be sleeping on mattresses for a few weeks

That should all help with the camping atmosphere. Since our fridge will only arrive in September, and half of the appliances will also only come in August or September. So, I guess there will be a lot of BBQ, Thermomix and air-fryer action happening. Plus, lots of regular trips to the supermarket. As we will only have a bar fridge until September. Fun times ahead .

Wish us luck that there are no more delays.